Seminar 8: Topic 1: What are Police Powers (arrest/charge) and Citizens Rights? Topic 2: Significance of WILLS-Are Wills essential to protect your assets? Topic 3: Disputes with CentreLink? Options: To Settle or Challenge

From 23.09.2017 9:45 am until 23.09.2017 1:00 pm
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9.45am TOPIC 1: Police Powers (arrest/charge) and Citizens Rights
What are police powers? NSW Police have enforceable powers which they can exercise against anyone in NSW. Some of these powers, however, can only be used in certain circumstances. What are each of these powers and when can the police use them? Learn what rights you have when interacting with police.
Presenter: Mr Phil Boulten SC, Barrister, Forbes Chambers, Sydney
Chair: The Hon Greg Smith SC, former Attorney General of NSW and now Barrister, Forbes Chambers, Sydney

10.45am TOPIC 2: Significance of WILLS – Are WILLS essential to protect your assets?
Most people understand what a Will is. However, most people would not be able to tell you what type of assets a Will can cover, how to execute a Will, who administers a Will, or how to amend one once it has been executed.
Presenter: Ms Asheetha Jelliffe, Solicitor, Teece Hodgson & Ward, Lawyers, Sydney
Chair: Mr Mohit Kumar, Police Prosecutor, Blacktown Local Courts

11.40am Morning tea break

12 noon TOPIC 3: Disputes with CentreLink? Options: To Settle or Challenge
Presenter: Mr Mark Robinson SC, Barrister, Maurice Byers Chambers, MLC Centre, Sydney
Chair: Mr Kanagasabai Vasan, Solicitor and former Member of Social Security Appeals Tribunal & former Solicitor with ICAC, Sydney

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